Driving in felt so weird. Things really did change from when we left. It was weird to visit and feel like it wasn’t home anymore. We sure have lots of wonderful memories in Colorado and I sure do miss all of the wonderful friends I have met there. It was great to see all of those special people again and miss them even more. Our trip was kinda short and sweet. If only I were able to see Amy and Sonja it would have been better! I also would have liked to spend more time with Daisy and Armando, but darn their jobs!! lol. The boys played their hearts out the minute we got there. Adrian spent the weekend at his friend’s house (Jacob). Caeden and I stayed at his friend’s house (Mitchell). Al and Heather (Mitchell’s parents) were very hospitable and gave me my own studio apartment to stay in. It is called a cottage and is just above the garage on their property. It was really wonderful of them. We spent days playing and nights eating and drinking. lol. It was great fun! We can’t wait to see our friends once again! Everybody is welcome to come on down for a visit, we have a room just for you 🙂