Scrapbook Related

So I finally went to the Great American Scrapbook Convention on June 5th & 6th. YAY!! It is what I have been waiting on since moving to Texas in Feb. It was fun shopping and I took two wonderful classes, one was this house. Walking around I saw many of the things that I usually see at these type things granted this was on a larger scale. There were lots of stores and a ton of dotcom stores that came. One thing I saw that was really new was this mixed media art. It combines my love for creating jewelry with scrapbooking! I am so happy right now. It was intimidating at first and I am sure I will feel this way for awhile but I am excited to learn this new way to enjoy my crafting. I hope you enjoy and I will share what I make as soon as I can. I will be leaving to Colorado in one week! There is so much to get done but I am excited to go. We are visiting friends in Denver and Colorado Springs. We are throwing my father his 60th B-day and retirement party so it whould be lots of fun. Expect lots of pictures 🙂


Caeden Field trip

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On April 30th I went on the first school field trip since moving. I was a chaparone and the 1st graders went to the Dallas Arberatum. It was a beautifully landscaped place with fun streams and walkways that of course we weren’t able to enjoy. The kids liked the litte houses that created somewhat of a playground much better. We ate lunch and then took a tour of the habitat where the kids learned different tree types and plants including poison ivy. As we entered the natural area the kids saw a hawk perched up on a branch just staring down at all the kids just watching. It didn’t move the entire 30-45 minutes and was still there when we left. It was fun to get to know the teacher and other students a little better as well as the other moms helping out. Caeden just enjoyed his mom being there and gave me this cute pose as the rest of the class was getting ready for the next picture.

YAY! I have finally unpacked the many drawers and shelves that my scraproom used to be. Boy was it difficult to go from wonderful built in cabinets, drawers and L-shape desk to a blank room. However, with the help of my husband it has been accomplished. We purchased bookshelves and organizing items all from Ikea. It is my favorite store of all time now 🙂 We also now have a queen size bed in my scrap room which now doubles as the guest room. That means we need visitors!