After our weekend in Denver we made our way to Colorado Springs. We stayed at my best friend’s house, Laura. Thankfully she got a job just before I came out but the sad thing is she started the day I came back. At least she put me to good use babysitting for her two kids part time. I really enjoyed spending time with them. We went swimming one day and Jessie let me fix her hair. I loved playing with the little girl, MY GIRL! The boys just played and played and played. Jordan was so cute always wanting Caeden. My brother and wife took my boys to a baseball game with their cousins one night and Jordan was so cute asking when Caeden would be back! What great friends they are just like their moms! I was able to eat at my favorite place, La Baguette. Man, it was soooooo good! We watched So You Think You Can Dance when Laura got home from work, boy I wish we could have spent more time together. Friday night the girls went for a night on the town. It was fun to hang out again just us girls! Of course Laura attracted a young guy like always! lol. Tasha and I of course were on the dance floor shaking what our momma’s gave us. lol. Good Times……………….

Oh so you want to hear about the party……. well, the prep started early and as hard of work it was it was even more fun! Larry and Jenny graciously allowed the party to be at their house and it was such a great time!! Even the kids loved every minute. I played tetherball again and of course beat Adrian! lol. There were shots going on in the kitchen as well as my mom sneaking the good wine out of the basement. Too much fun stuff to mention! It certainly was a great time for great parents!! See the pics below!