most mornings. Lately, I have been walking around the very large park right across the street called Celebration Park. It has a mile and a half trail that goes around the many soccer, football & baseball fields as well as a great playground including a water area that I sometimes run through to get cooled off. I usually walk around it at least twice. What a great way to start the day; with a clear head and appreciation of nature. There are baby ducks that have grown so quick and now just born are baby swans. It is so great to watch them follow their mothers so diligently without hesitation. I sure wish my kids would do that! lol. Sometimes you can see the slider turtles sunbathing and quickly go under as you walk by. There are also gorgeous birds: Red Robins, Scissor Tails and other I don’t know the names of. Anyway, I haven’t been writing lately, we have just been busy swimming and relaxing enjoying that days that we have spent together. Summer is near and the kids will be out of school and I will long for my walks around the park. I have to find a way to make it work.