Caeden skipping rocks

Before we left for Colorado we went to check out the closest lake. It wasn’t bad. It was a pretty nice day, not too hot. The water was of a good temp. We had the beach pretty much to ourselves for awhile so we spread out enjoying the little bit of sand around us. The boys took turns burrying each other and skipping rocks. They enjoyed swiming in the lake too. Next time I would really like to bring our jet ski. Around noon more people started showing up and about 1p.m. another big family walked through our spot and started taking their shoes off (in the middle of our stuff) and wrecking the kids sand castle. I was angry how rude!! Of course the boys were upset and without Steven this large family with teen boys didn’t care about us. Needless to say we shared the sand and they actually stayed in the water most of the time so it was okay once I asked them to stay on their side after I moved the toys.

Boys at lake