So I finally went to the Great American Scrapbook Convention on June 5th & 6th. YAY!! It is what I have been waiting on since moving to Texas in Feb. It was fun shopping and I took two wonderful classes, one was this house. Walking around I saw many of the things that I usually see at these type things granted this was on a larger scale. There were lots of stores and a ton of dotcom stores that came. One thing I saw that was really new was this mixed media art. It combines my love for creating jewelry with scrapbooking! I am so happy right now. It was intimidating at first and I am sure I will feel this way for awhile but I am excited to learn this new way to enjoy my crafting. I hope you enjoy and I will share what I make as soon as I can. I will be leaving to Colorado in one week! There is so much to get done but I am excited to go. We are visiting friends in Denver and Colorado Springs. We are throwing my father his 60th B-day and retirement party so it whould be lots of fun. Expect lots of pictures 🙂